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Advent in apps



We suggest to meditate on the Word of God through these apps that will guide you through your prayers.
prions en église prions en église         Carpe Deum prions en église Carpe Deum



Advent Program

  30 Nov. Vespers to enter the Advent hosted by Sinfonia Garonna

  1 Dec. 7 p.m.  Gift of "Guardian Angles" - "Anges Gardiens":  - "What if we watched over our neighbours? during the mass at ND de La Dalbade
 5 Dec. Worship and cenfession evening hosted by la Chorale Lauda Mission (CCU de Rangueil - 68Av de Rangueil)
 08 Dec. Solemn mass of the Immaculate Conception 
  12 Dec. 8 a.m. Mass in honour of the Virgin Mary of Guadalupe à Saint-Pierre-des-Chartreux
                      traditional songs to the Virgin Mary, mañanitas and breakfast
 14 Dec. 3 p.m.-6.30 p.m. Living Nativity with Vivre Noël Autrement - Place Saint-Georges
 24 Dec. Christmas Dinner together ** at Saint-Pierre des Chartreux
 5 Jan.  The Feast of Epiphany revealing of Guardian Angels: gift-giving by the angle to his "protégé"
During Advent 
 - Every Monday at 7 a.m. : Sunrise mass + Breakfast provided.  
- 6 p.m. adoration and confessions every evening of the week - chapelle de la Croix at St Pierre-des-Chartreux (behind the organ)
- every Wednesday 6.15 p.m.: meditation in front of the Blessed Sacrament - chapelle de la Croix at St Pierre-des-Chartreux (behind the organ)
 Guardian Angels

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