Ordinary Time

  • Sunday mass: Notre Dame (ND) de la Daurade at 7pm followed by dinner at the Bernanos center, 23 Rue Valade (2€ donation for the meal)

  • Confession is available before mass by request 

  • Weekday mass (Mon-Fri): Saint Pierre des Chartreux at 7pm
    Adoration & confessions: 6pm, behind the organ (also available during summer)

  • Mass every Thursday at the Paroisse de Saint Marc at 7pm (Metro: Rangueil)


Mass at dawn - rorate mass 
Every monday 7am followed by breakfast at Saint-Pierre-des-Chartreux

Do check our events page for more information 



Mass at dawn - rorate mass 

During the Christmas vacation there will be no weekday masses

Sunday masses will be at ND de La Daurade at 7pm

The parish opens it's doors to all students who are away from home during this period with a Christmas celebration:

  • 24 Dec: Christmas eve 7.30pm - Saint-Pierre-des-Chartreux, 21 rue valade


Lent - Easter

" I'm thirsty...for your love! "

17th Feb, 7pm: Ash Wednesday mass
Adoration & confession available in the evening the day before at ND de la Dalbade

*13th Mar, 8pm: Evening of adoration & confession at Saint-Pierre-des-Chartreux

* 4th April: Evening of adoration & confession at CCU Rangueil
(mass 7pm - dinner at 8pm - night adoration from 9pm)
Church of Saint-Marc - 68 Av. de Rangueil Metro B: Rangueil or bus 44 stop: Libellules

Confession & adoration
Mon-Fri, 6pm-7pm: Chapelle de la Croix found behind the organ towards the back of Saint-Pierre-des-Chartreux

Charity Pack: we give away food packs to the homeless during this event
Food collection for donation every Sunday
More information will be provided on our Facebook group 

* Ecole d’oraison : 20h-22h - 19 mars, 26 mars, 2 avr., 9 avr., 16 avr., 14 mai - animée par les frères Carmes - église Saint-Pierre-des-Chartreux

CCU Rangueil hosts conferences:
66 Av de Rangueil Metro B: Rangueil or bus 44 stop: Libellules
7 mars - La gourmandise et l'avarice : Fr. Timothée op
14 mars - L'acédie : Mgr Robert Le Gall
21 mars - L'orgueil : Paul Roland-Gosselin
28 mars - La jalousie et la colère : Fr. Jean-Baptiste Blandino op
11 avril - La luxure : Fr. Augustin Laffay op

Exode 31: A lenten pilgrimage for students held on 13-14 avril 2019 in Lourdes
“Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word.” Luke 1:38
Let us have reflect on the word of the Lord and walk with Him 

Palm Sunday weekend: commonly the Sunday mass is cancelled due to the lenten retreat  

Do check our events page or Facebook for more information 

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